Your Lagos ‘Summer’ Holiday Guide

How to enjoy summer in Lagos on a budget.

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3 min readJun 28, 2024

Lola in Lagos. We know that it doesn’t quite hit like Emily in Paris but like many things in life, it’s what you make of it. So, if you’ve been dreaming about spending the summer abroad but your account balance says no, this guide is for you. Let’s jump right in.

  1. Find your tribe — people who share your aspirations but can’t afford them either.

Here’s why this is a great approach: You need people who share the same vibe and are willing to pool resources to make a local summer holiday happen. Round up two or three friends who are in the same financial boat as you and work together on a budget. Put one person in charge of managing the budget so you don’t end up overspending. Create a Frequently Pocket on your Kuda app and commit to saving for your holiday together daily, weekly or monthly.

2. Choose your adventure.

The great thing about Lagos is that it’s a melting pot of culture, entertainment and adventure.

For a staycation, check out Airbnb for listings around a beach or in areas like Ikoyi and Lekki. La Campagne Tropicana Resort is also a great idea to spend a weekend, while the closer option, Ziba Resort, offers you an Ibiza experience in Lagos with its stunning overwater rooms.

For a daycation, you can visit Nike Art Gallery, watch plays at Terra Kulture, shop crafts at Lekki Art Market or head to a food place like Amoke Oge and Yakoyo for some hot amala. If you’re feeling artsy, try your hands on pottery at Ceracerni’s Arthub.

Remember, the key is to enjoy yourself and create lasting memories.

3. Good food, good mood.

Only a few places can match Lagos when it comes to food options. From amala on the streets of Shomolu to sushi at high-end Japanese restaurants, you’d probably find whatever you’re looking for but we can’t say for sure that it’ll always be good. Get tips from food influencers on Instagram like @eat.drink.lagos, @lagosfoodies and @opeyemifamakin. Again, don’t forget the pictures!

You can also look up YouTube tutorials and cook some Nigerian meals with your friends.

4. Get artsy.

Visit art galleries, theatres, and live music venues. Catch a performance by a top Afrobeats artist, explore the contemporary art scene, or immerse yourself in a lively Lagos party. For extra vibes, give a live band some money and they’ll sing your praises.

5. Chase thrills.

For pure adrenaline and excitement, spend a day at the iconic Lekki Conservation Centre, where you can do a canopy walk or simply bask in nature. You can also head to the Banana Island Ferry Terminal and charter a boat for a high-speed cruise along the Lagos Lagoon.

No matter how you choose to spend your summer in Lagos, one thing is certain: you’ll leave with memories, and great pictures (and stories) that will have your friends and family green with envy. So go ahead, channel your inner Lagosian and “pepper them” with an unforgettable summer in Lagos.