What Caused The Kuda App Downtime On January 31 And How We Fixed It

A database backup triggered an app downtime on January 31. Here’s how we fixed it and what we’ve done to prevent a recurrence.

What caused the downtime?

Banks and fintechs like Kuda rely heavily on database platforms that are hosted by third party service providers. We use these platforms to store customer data securely and manage most of our processes, and our service provider is one of the largest in the world.

How did we fix it?

We reached out to our service provider immediately and, together, we got to work on managing the backup to reduce its impact on app services.

What have we done to make sure it doesn’t happen again?

1. We’ve asked our provider to increase the size and expertise of the technical support team assigned to us right away so that if there’s any issue with their service in the future, they’ll sort it out in the shortest time possible.



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