We’ve Made Paying And Getting Paid Online Even Easier For You

Kuda App
2 min readAug 31, 2023

It’s a fact that Pay With Bank is one of the most reliable ways to pay online in Nigeria, and you can now use it on websites and apps that accept payments through Flutterwave.

Exciting news: We’ve partnered with Mono, an open banking platform for Africa, to help businesses and their customers pay and get paid online easily!

If you have a Kuda account, you can now choose the Pay With Bank option on any website or app that accepts payments through Flutterwave when the Mono widget appears on your screen. After that, paying is as simple as following the prompt to generate a one-time Pay ID on your Kuda app, then confirming your transaction on the website with the Pay ID in just a few seconds. Quite smooth, if we do say so ourselves.

Business owners aren’t left out either. Adding Mono Pay With Bank to your business website or app gives your customers a better checkout experience. It’ll speed up transactions, help you make more money and save you some of the cost of processing fees. Sounds like what you need, doesn’t it?

💡Your Essential Pay With Bank Guide

The next time you need to pay on a Flutterwave-powered website or app, follow these steps to use Pay With Bank:

1. Tap Pay With Bank.

2. When the Mono widget appears on your screen, tap Kuda.

3. Type in your phone number.

4. Sign in to your Kuda app, then tap Pay.

5. Tap Cardless Payments.

6. Tap Pay With Bank.

7. Tap To Make A Payment.

8. Confirm with your transaction ID, fingerprint or Face ID.

10. Copy your Pay ID.

11. Paste your Pay ID on the website or app where you want to pay and complete your payment.