We’ve Launched The Money App For Africans In Nigeria And The UK!

The all-new Kuda app has arrived on the Play Store and the App Store with features including investments and UK-to-Nigeria transfers.

Kuda App
3 min readNov 9, 2022

Financial inclusion is in our soul and since 2019, we have worked with almost five million users to build an exceptional app that answers some of the most urgent money questions that Africans around the world ask every day.

In Nigeria, Africa’s largest economy, we have created a more inclusive alternative to traditional finance by delivering services including free money transfers, smart budgeting and instant access to credit through digital devices.

After investments of over $90 million, we have launched the money app for Africans in Nigeria and the UK today!

This all-new app combines improved versions of our previously introduced features with outstanding new ones to bring to life our longtime dream of giving Africans easy access to frictionless and affordable financial services.

We have hit a milestone, but our journey doesn’t end with launching the money app for Africans. Our global expansion begins now, and we’ve opened up new worlds for you to explore within Kuda:

1. Investment opportunities.

If you use Kuda in Nigeria, you can now buy stocks in some of the world’s most successful companies and rising startups at a fraction of the usual cost. In a few minutes, you’d have taken a step away from local inflation toward financial freedom.

2. The easiest ways to save.

We have made saving easier with Pockets, the improved version of our automated savings plans for Nigeria. Spend+Save, a popular Kuda feature, is better than ever and we now credit Spend accounts as soon as a withdrawal is made. With Pockets and some discipline, almost anyone can be the world’s greatest saver.

3. A straightforward UK account.

With a valid government-issued UK ID and proof of a UK address, anyone in the UK can open a Kuda UK account to send money to any UK bank account (and receive money) directly.

4. Transfers to Nigeria from the UK.

Kuda users in the UK can also send up to £10,000 to Nigeria daily at a transaction fee of just £3, and their Nigerian beneficiaries can receive the money as a transfer or pick up cash at one of several banks in Nigeria.

5. An app interface designed for non-geeks.

We designed the Kuda app to make your life easier. Your payments show up naturally like conversations on a chat app, buttons are where you expect them to be, and you won’t need a manual to figure things out.

The money app for Africans can give you the power to get more out of your money, help you nurture relationships that matter to you across borders, and put you in touch with global investment opportunities.

Learn more about the app here, download it on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, and explore everything that we have built for you.

👉🏾 Note that if you’re an existing Kuda user, you’ll need to sign in to the app with your email address and Kuda password once, then create a new passcode. All old versions of the Kuda app will be permanently unavailable after November 30, 2022. Please, make sure you get the latest version.

Enjoy! 💜