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2 min readFeb 5, 2021

We have news, the good kind, but first, how was your week?

Ours started with a token of our appreciation to you for standing with us in January, and we hope you’re enjoying your 25 extra free transfers.

So, what’s new with Kuda?

Virtual Cards Are Real

We know this particular feature has been a long time coming but we’re quite excited that you can now create a virtual Kuda Naira Mastercard on the app!

Virtual cards are free to create on Kuda and they work online in Nigeria.

Everyone is entitled to one virtual card. If you delete yours, you won’t be able to create another one. Please, don’t delete it.

Learn how to create your virtual card here.

Coming Sooner Than Soon

We really want to tell you who the first Kuda ambassador is but we can’t quite yet.

If you follow us on Twitter and Instagram, you may have spotted hints.

The Kuda Ambassador Unveiling™ (yes, it’s a big deal) will happen soon… on social media.

Now is definitely a good time to follow us (closer).

Love Lives Here

It’s no secret that we’ve got quite a massive crush on you. 💜

Besides, Valentine’s Day is pretty close, so we decided to send you something.

Mobile wallpapers are not the same as flowers or chocolates, but there’s a place for digital gifts, right?

Get all six Kuda wallpapers for February here.

Take care!