Top 10 Reasons To Keep Using Kuda

It’s a forever kind of relationship.

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2 min readOct 8, 2021


You’re going to stay with us forever, aren’t you? 🥺

These are the top 10 reasons we’re almost a hundred percent certain that you won’t stop loving your Kuda:

1. We built this bank for you (and we’re improving it with you).​

​3. You’re done with account maintenance and card maintenance fees forever.

4. You don’t want to deal with people in a banking hall (because stress and COVID-19). “Please, can I borrow your pen and never return it?” 🙄

5. You love having a bank that does everything to protect your money. (Everything, including annoying you with anti-scam messages. 👀)​

​7. Budgeting with Kuda has helped you and you don’t want to struggle with managing your money again.​

​9. It’s expensive out there on the streets of traditional banking. Stay where things are free.

​Here’s to being your bank for a lifetime. 🥂 💜

Have the best weekend!


The Kuda Team