Three Money Questions You Should Ask On The First Date

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3 min readFeb 28, 2024

If you’ve ever wondered whether your new crush enjoys thrift shopping or prefers high-end boutiques, or if you’re curious about their views on staycations versus vacations abroad, just ask them. Yes, on the first date.

Talking about money on a first date might seem awkward, but that’s the exact kind of thinking that sets you up to waste your time with someone whose financial habits are bad for you.

So, let’s agree that you’re definitely talking about money on that date and get into the kind of money questions you should ask.

1. What did you learn about money growing up?

What a person learns about money while growing up can shape their mindset and values towards money. For example, if they grew up in a financially stable environment where money was never a problem, they may see money as a tool for enjoyment. On the other hand, someone who grew up experiencing financial instability during childhood may see money as a means to an end. These experiences often shape people’s attitudes towards money management, so it’s essential to understand where your date stands before taking things to the next level.

2. What’s your guilty pleasure?

Everyone has one (or two) guilty pleasures that bring joy to their lives. Whether it’s daily suya, weekly pizza or a monthly shopping spree, these small pleasures are a window into your date’s spending habits. The key is finding a middle ground between shared interests and differences in spending habits.

3. What kind of gifts do you like to buy?

So, you like to go all out with expensive gifts and planning experiences to make your significant other happy. But your romantic interest is the opposite — they believe that perfumes and random cheap gifts make great gifts because “it’s the thought that counts.”

Understanding your romantic interest’s perspective on gifts will help you set realistic expectations and make sure that neither of you feels taken advantage of or undervalued.

Remember, the key to successful first-date conversations is creating a safe space for honesty. Don’t avoid talking about money, but do so with respect and empathy to deepen your connection and lay the groundwork for a lasting relationship. 💜