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Kuda Overdrafts is having a viral moment.

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1 min readJun 4, 2021


Here’s a number for you: 48,000+

That’s how many people we added to the Kuda Overdrafts pilot program this week and we’re adding 50,000 more next week. 🎉

Just like that, we’ve gone mainstream as the bank that gives easy loans.

Don’t forget, using your account regularly will give you access to an overdraft whenever you need one.


In other news, we finally added the screenshot option to Kuda for Android.

You have the power.

Why back down after all this time?

Well, screenshots on Android have always been in popular demand.

We hesitated because Android devices are infamous for being relatively easy to hack. And even though that bad reputation hasn’t changed, we’re putting the power in people’s hands:

Anyone can enable screenshots (with the knowledge that certain apps may be recording their phone screen) or just share transaction receipts safely.

Take care. 💜



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