New On Kuda: Shortcuts & In-App Tokens

Our newest features are all about saving you time. Explore them in a couple of minutes.

Kuda App
2 min readJul 24, 2023

1. Shortcuts

When you’re trying to make a quick payment, there’s really no time to tap and tap again. We designed the Kuda payments widget for those moments.

Add the widget to your Android or iPhone home screen now and you’ll have shortcuts to transfers, Pay With Bank, airtime purchases and bill payments right where you need them to be. 🚀

2. In-App Tokens

It’s a familiar process: You pay your TV subscription or buy a meter token or gift card, then you check your email for the code.

But now that we’ve stepped up, you can skip checking your email. Just tap the payment (gift card and meter token purchases, Showmax and Spectranet subscriptions) on your Kuda app dashboard to get your code.

In Other News

Look out for our Cashless Superstars on billboards around Lagos and download their brilliant mobile and laptop wallpapers here. With free transfers, Pay With USSD and Pay With Bank, Kuda will always be easier for you than cash. 😌

PS. Download the latest version of the Kuda app on Google Play or the App Store to access all new features. ✨