New On Kuda: Safety Mode

With multiple PINs, passwords, biometrics (fingerprint and Face ID) and two-factor authentication on Kuda, we’ve made life hard for anyone who might try to take your money without your permission.

And now, there’s a new layer of security on your account.

Our latest headache for criminals is called Safety Mode.

Here’s how it works:

1. Any time there’s a sign-in to your Kuda account on a new device, we’ll put your account in Safety Mode for 24 hours. This is useful for protecting your money if you’re not the one who signed in to your account.

2. While your account is in Safety Mode, your daily transfer limit will be 10,000 naira. This limit does not affect other kinds of payment from your account.

3. If you have access to overdrafts, Safety Mode will turn off that access and you’ll have to send us a message on the app after 24 hours to restore your access to overdrafts.

4. Safety Mode will be active for just 24 hours from the time you sign in to your Kuda account on a new device. After 24 hours, you will be able to increase your daily transfer limit.

5. Safety Mode will not limit transfers to your account, just transfers from it, so you can keep receiving money as usual.

Look out for a sign-in notification email from us any time you sign in to Kuda on a new device.

If you ever get a sign-in notification email and you’re not the one who signed in to your account, please change your email password and your Kuda PIN immediately, then send a message to

Take care. 💜



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