New On Kuda: Make Quicker Bill Payments and Free Transfers

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3 min readApr 18, 2024


The latest improvements to your Kuda app will speed up bill payments and transfers to friends.

Small improvements can make a big difference, especially when those improvements save you precious time every day. See what difference the newest upgrades to your Kuda app can make in your life.

  1. Payments, Remembered
Pay bills easily on Kuda with the Payment Retention feature

Your Kuda app already helps you save money automatically. Now, it saves your bill payments too! 👏🏽

Every time you pay a bill, your Kuda app remembers important details like your meter number, phone number, and preferred internet data plan so you don’t need to type them in over and over. Of course, you can always edit the details if you change your mind but having them prefilled is one less thing to think about.

Check your app store to be sure that you have the latest version of the Kuda app, then pay a bill and your Kuda app will save the important details. Memory is a beautiful thing.

2. Friends Get Benefits

Send money faster with Friends & Beneficiaries

What’s quicker than a regular transfer? Friends On Kuda.

One big benefit of using your Kuda app for payments is that you can find all your contacts who already have a Kuda account in less than a minute and send them money for free anytime with Friends on Kuda. 🚀

Now, you can save friends as beneficiaries and very easily see who’s a friend, who’s a beneficiary, and who’s so special that they’re both a friend and a beneficiary. 🥰

Find your friends on Kuda in the Send section of the latest version of the Kuda app.

Gentle Reminders

Read relatable money stories on Kuda with the “You Might Like” feature
  • You’ll find a selection of interesting articles about money at the bottom of your Kuda dashboard. Sign in, scroll down, and they’ll be right there. Have several good reads.
  • Android payments are easy with Kuda. When you need to buy an app or a game on the Play Store, skip the card option and use your Kuda Pay ID to pay directly from your Kuda account. Quick, secure, and addictive.
  • Our partnership with Grey Matter is still on. Pay there with a Kuda Visa card and you’ll get an instant 5% discount on food and drinks. That’s a token of our love.

Get the latest version of the Kuda app on your app store, explore all improvements, and let’s know how you like them on X. 💜