Going, Going, Gone Cashless

Get familiar with cashless payment options on the Kuda app and learn how to avoid cashless payment scams.

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2 min readApr 4, 2023

There used to be cash everywhere (even in abandoned buildings), but things are not the same anymore. Welcome to the cashless reality. 😅

If this is how your payment life is going to continue, how will you cope? We have some answers:

1. Use your free transfers. 💸

You have 25 of those free transfers to other banks on your Kuda app every month, without fail. And remember that Kuda-to-Kuda transfers are always free. Enjoy the freedom. 💜

PS. If you haven’t upgraded your Kuda account with your valid ID card, this is the time to make that move. You’ll be able to send and receive more money.

2. Get familiar with other cashless options. ⭐️

(Free) transfers and cards aren’t the only way to pay without cash. Try out the extremely reliable Pay With Bank feature, USSD, and cardless POS payments on your Kuda app.

3. Explore cashless-friendly vendors. 👍🏾

Thousands of shops and vendors across Nigeria now accept transfers and POS payments. And if you’re not sure cashless is an option, just ask. You might be pleasantly surprised.

In Other (Cashless) News 📰

As cashless payments become the norm (by force) around Nigeria, cashless scams are also rising. Fake proofs of payment after transfers and payment links that steal account details are a couple of common scams these days.

To help you keep your money safe in these interesting times, we’ve put together a strong anti-scam guide here. Read it as many times as you can and remember to look out for yourself as we’re looking out for you.