Force The Habit

It’s all in the mind.

New year, same you? You’re not the only one.

Sometimes, we expect too much from a new year. Should things be different just because we’re now in 2022? Probably not.

The positive changes we want in our lives usually happen gradually, not overnight (between December 31 and January 1), and they happen when we build good habits.

One good habit many people struggle to build every year is spending less.

We aim to spend less so we can save more money (to earn interest) or just because we don’t want to keep throwing money away on things we don’t really need.

But spending is fun and we naturally tend to do fun things repeatedly. So, no matter how many times we promise ourselves that we won’t spend without first thinking carefully, we still end up spending randomly.

Maybe it’s time to do things differently. Let’s try another way in three steps:

Step 1: Make saving effortless for yourself.

If spending less means saving more, we can try to make saving easier.

Some people do this by taking out the amount of money they want to save before spending at all but that doesn’t always work — it still demands significant discipline.

Instead, what if you could save automatically every time you spend?

That’s what Spend+Save on Kuda does — it makes saving effortless. Turn it on now.

It doesn’t get much easier than this.

Step 2: Keep your finances at eye level.

If you can’t see where your money is going, how will you know when you’re spending it on the wrong things?

Creating a budget is the easiest way to keep your finances at eye level.

We’ve made this even easier with Budget on Kuda — no spreadsheets, no arithmetic, just clarity.

Once you create your budget for the month, you’ll be able to track every naira you earn and spend from your account.

Always the best start!

Step 3: Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Both good and bad habits are formed by repetitive action — you can’t do something once and call it a habit.

Spend+Save will keep running automatically, so you really don’t have to worry about that.

The effort is in remembering to create a budget at the beginning of every month, but that’s a small task with big rewards — your finances should be in a better place this year.

For more help with building positive money habits, read about anti-resolutions here.

Take care! 💜



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