Five Solid Reasons To Ask For More Money

Just because inflation has grown wings doesn’t mean you can renegotiate your salary easily. Make a stronger case with these justifications.

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3 min readMay 26, 2023

1. You earn less than the average salary for your role locally.

Emphasis on ‘locally’ because comparing what you earn in naira to a salary in dollars is stressful and mostly pointless. It’s either going to make you sad or make you angry. Or both.

Instead of playing (and losing) the comparison game, find out what people in your role or similar roles are paid by Nigerian companies and adjust your salary demands as needed. You can always present your research findings as justification.

2. You’ve improved your skills.

You develop yourself to do better work. Fact, but that’s not the end of it.

When you level up your skills, you’re most likely worth more on the job market. This gives you some leverage to ask for more money where you currently work.

Remember to stylishly mention that if they won’t upgrade your pay, someone else probably could. With all due respect.

3. You’re a consistent top performer.

Have you been getting top marks and good reviews? Are you shining like a star after probation? Do your co-workers rely on you too much? Fantastic, you have the advantage!

Stingy employers might disagree, but it’s right to believe that consistent good work should be rewarded with some more money — in plain terms. Not “Well done” or “You’re an asset to this company.” Inflation doesn’t care about compliments. Ask for more and see how it goes.

4. You do more than your job description.

Fine, you’re right to say that wearing many hats is a ‘normal’ thing at many organisations but what’s the point of wearing that many hats if the sun is still peppering your head? Get it? Never mind.

The point: When you’re doing that much work, your account balance should feel it. Make the case for more or find a place where you’ll be paid properly for being so versatile.

5. No one else can do what you do.

If you’re a unicorn where you work, you’re arguably indispensable. And because you’re the only one of your kind, you shouldn’t sell yourself short. In summary, your money could grow long(er) if you amplify your fairly unique worth without being annoying about it.

We can’t guarantee that you’ll get the raise you’re looking for, but speaking up about what you deserve is an effort you should make. All the best. 💜