5 Kinds of People You Should Avoid This Year

Because the company you keep can help you move forward or hold you back in life.

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2 min readJan 24, 2024

Because the company you keep can help you move forward or hold you back in life, swap out these five kinds of people for better company:

1. The leech

Fun fact: Actual leeches can go six months without feeding. That’s not the same with the human leech. This kind of person will suck you dry if you allow them. They’d rather spend your money, eat your food, and use your things than lift a finger to help themselves. Recognise them, set boundaries, and save yourself.

2. The constant complainer

Nothing is ever good enough for this kind of person. They’re always venting, always reporting their ‘friends’ and cutting them off, always dissatisfied with life. And the worst part is, they don’t do much to improve anything. Never again.

3. The recurring ex

This is the human version of a broken record, endlessly repeating. Nothing has changed with them, but they’ll come back when they’re unhappy or they see you moving forward in life to remind you of all the ‘good times’ you had and ask for another chance. They’re bad for the business of your heart. Shut your door.

4. The empty promiser

We all know that uncle — so much talk, so little to show for it. For every promise they make, they have a convenient excuse for not fulfilling it. Eventually, they might just ghost you out of shame. Don’t count the missed calls and unreplied messages, just move on.

5. The borrower-in-chief

At what point does borrowing become fraud? You’ll find out with this person. It’s always “Can you quickly give me 10K there? I’ll send it back tomorrow.” But tomorrow never comes. Just say no.