3 Smart Money Moves For Every Payday

How to get more out of your money from the moment you get paid.

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2 min readNov 28, 2022

Most of us make perfectly reasonable money plans… until we get paid. Then comes the impulse buying, unplanned hangouts and everything else that scatters our budget for the month. 🫠

But you can avoid all of that if you make these smart money moves immediately you get paid:

1. First, you save.

Take a percentage of your salary, maybe about twenty percent, and save it. Your Kuda app can help. Tap Save on the app and create a savings plans. While you’re at it, you should also turn on Spend+Save to put money away automatically every time you spend. Because there’ll always be hangouts and Black Friday sales.

2. Next, pay your bills.

When your bills are out of the way, you’ll know how much money you really have to spend. Besides, life feels better when you’ve paid for things like electricity and internet data. Kuda, again, makes bill payments easy. Just tap Pay A Bill on your app.

3. Invest responsibly.

Investing can help you protect your money from local inflation and grow some wealth. If you’re wondering where to begin, your Kuda app is the right place. Tap Investments on the app to see all the stocks you can buy in naira.

Note: The value of stocks fluctuates and stock trading involves possible loss of capital.

Every payday doesn’t have to lead to the same conclusion — being broke. It’s time to take care of your money and yourself. Start now. 💜