12 Random Goals You Can Set This Year

Positive change begins with deciding where you want to be.

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3 min readJan 13, 2023

1. Save ₦1,000 every day for anything.

You can use the money for a weekend getaway, a local holiday, a new pair of headphones, or some end-of-year shopping. Or you could just look at your savings and be proud that you’re making some progress with adulting. 💪🏽

2. Upgrade your look.

You know when you have clothes but you feel like you don’t? You probably need a wardrobe makeover. Look out for items on sale and make sensible purchases over time, then give out your old clothes or sell them on Instagram — seriously, people do this. Just wash them first. 🙏🏽

3. Improve your diet.

Eating healthy isn’t always about weight goals, your heart and your brain need good food to work well. This could be the year that you get more particular about what you eat and drink instead of just taking whatever you can get.

4. Eat one home-cooked meal every day.

Quick math: If buying a meal costs you ₦1,200 on average and it costs you ₦600 to cook the same meal, you could save up to ₦216,000 on food this year. Besides, you’re less likely to get food poisoning when you eat at home.

5. Sell anything you haven’t used in three months.

If you haven’t used an item in 90 days, it might be time to let it go for some cash. Take a photo of the item, post it on Instagram, Facebook Marketplace or Jiji. Your customer is somewhere on the internet. 🔎

6. Take yourself out once a month.

What’s self-love if you’re not loving yourself? Do it with a solo restaurant date, a movie date, or a spa treat. Check out gifts cards on your Kuda app to see your options.

7. Invest in skincare.

Were you ashy most of last year? Leave that rough skin life behind, please. Get a cleanser and some moisturiser for a start, then upgrade as needed. You’ll shine. ✨

8. Buy stocks.

Look, stocks are unpredictable and you could lose money from trading, but you could also make money. Start small on your Kuda app and see how it goes.

9. Invest in relationships.

Call your friends and family regularly, not just the person you’re dating. Group chats can be fun but there’s nothing like a heartwarming phone call from someone you care about. Also, we sell airtime and data.

10. Judge yourself less.

Like all kinds of criticism, self-criticism is only useful when it’s constructive. We’re all working on being better, so do more encouraging and less judging.

11. Upgrade your gifts.

Adults should give meaningful gifts and they don’t even have to be expensive. Start asking people what they need instead of assuming (that they want another bottle of perfume).

12. Check in with yourself regularly.

It’s as simple as asking yourself how you’re doing and answering sincerely. Remember Issa’s mirror conversations on the TV show Insecure? You could also write out your feelings as often as you can in a journal or send yourself voice notes. Knowing how you are helps you take better care of yourself.

Take care. 💜